Singer, Actor and Ambassador for Social Injury Prevention


Ravash is born on 7th  in January.

He studied Graphic in High School and He gained a lot of Honors in photography. He recorded an exhibition entitled poster of prophet  mihammad in his art works.(Farhang Gallery)

He has Associated degree in Graphic and he graduated from azad university of shahre rey.

He trained  filming and Journalism in News Department of IRAN National television and Yong Journalistcenter and started filming.

After working in the news and production Department of tv

He produce meny tv programs as anexecutive producer in Alkowsar international network and Sahar network English Azari-ordo and French language and samen international Network .

Some of His tv productions are:

  • Rahyaftegan free triboune
  • Short films
  • Live contact in 10 continusly  night s
  • Producing tv show on Imam reza Birthday and martyrdom(4 years)
  • Behind Dirt Doors series

The movie Hasti can be named as his one of the latest Production which isas stage of unveiling of poster s and it will be released soon. He has played as a singer in this movie and also He is singer of this movie.

He has played as main role in Shahrnaz movie and also has been singer of it in 2019 and he has Donated his beautiful voice to his fans.

Another of his television shows can be mentioned to playing at popular tv series namad Anam that was Directed by Javad Afshar.

Ravash started playing music in 2015 to support child labor

He did this in collaboration with the prevention of social damage foundation

His first performance was in 2016 at the milad tower in front of 2000 audiences

He also had live performance for 5 nights in milad tower and sponsers were municipality , welfare , mass producer , puzzle institute , Avaye baran institute and Avat institute .

He was introduced as the Ambassador for social damage prevention in iran by directors and authorities of Tehran in welfale ceremony in ivan shams theatre of his other creations is the title of tv show named.

Today has not finished yet belong to channel  1

He has been also as host in provincial tv network

There is a list of his music pieces here

  • song Name: Zandonie  Taghdir/ Songwriter: Hossein Fotouhi / Melody: Sam Shayegan / Tuning: Siavash Shayegan / March 2015
  • Song name: Midnight / Songwriter: Parisa Garri / Melody: Amin Ghobad / Setting: Mehdi Sepehger / Mix and Mastering: Mahya Rezvan / Guitar: Kian Darat / DD 2017
  • Song Name: Hoho / Songwriter: Frank Fassihi / Melody: Sam Shayegan / Setting: Siavash Shayegan / Matching: Farnaz Saheri / February 2011
  • Song Name: Sense of Pride / Songwriter: yaha kashani / Melody: Anooshiravan Taqavi / Setting: Anooshiravan Taghavi / Guitar: Masoud Homayouni / January 2017
  • song Name: I fell in love / Songwriter: Farzaneh Hosseinzadeh / Melody: Pouria Heidari / Setting: Pouria Heidari / Guitar: Kian Darat / March 2017
  • Song Name: Your Dream / Songwriter: Asma Shaker / Melody: Amir Abbas Gulab / Setting: Yassin Turkish / August 2018
  • Song name: Coming / Songwriter: Frank Fassihi / Melody: Fardin Naji / Setting: Anoushirvan Taghavi / March 2017
  • Song Name: Annoyance / Songwriter: Parisa Garlic / Melody: Amir Abbas Golab / Adjustment: Amir Amin / Mix and Mastering: Mahyar Zamiri / Guitar: Nima Ramadan / July 2018
  • Song Name: Being / Songwriter: Atefeh Habibi / Melody: Amir-Abbas Gulab / Setting: Farzad Mahan / Guitar: Farshid Adhami / New
  • Song Name: Mean song / songwriter: Sara Rasooli / Melody: Majid Razavi / Tuning: Amir Amin / Siavash / Guitar: Nima Ramadan / Saxophone: Hadi Jajary / New
  • Song Name: Dione Game / Songwriter: Ali Dibaj / Melody: Ali Dibaj / Setting: Ali Dibaj / New
  • Song Name: Shout / Songwriter: Raush / Melody: Amir Abbas Golab / Setting: Amir-Abbas Golab / New
The life of the scene is one of our artists. Everyone reads his own melody and goes out of the scene, the scene is continually being replaced by the song that the people put to remembrance


Singer and actor

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